IBM z/OS Generalist: Systems Administrator - Systems Engineer

     You have an investment in IBM mainframe(s) running z/OS - the best computer system on the planet.
You know the hardware is the most reliable in the world.
You know the software is the most the stable platform around and vendor support is outstanding.
You need to keep that shop running trouble-free, with maximum efficiency, reliability and availability.
You need to have workable Disaster Recovery process in place and tested.

     Ten years ago, I started with a shop which had major problems: daily batch jobs frequently failed, application updates were applied late or improperly, manual processes were often subject to human error.
Today, it is extremely rare for the batch cycle to encounter issues, application updates are done promptly and successfully and many formerly-manual processes have been automated.
Instead of working 120 hour/week as I did ten years ago, it probably takes me 20-30 hours/week now and most of that is proactive monitoring to avoid problems from arising.
In our Disaster Recovery tests, we never got all the 'critical' Wintel servers operational but the mainframe always came up trouble-free.

Specific skills in particular applications or software can be hired or easily learned. I have learned dozens over the years and written a few myself.
There are not many people around today who have the depth and breadth of mainframe experience I bring to the table. I have pretty much done it all.

Systems Engineering
Systems Programming
Application Design/Coding/Implementation/Support
z/OS Systems Administration and Operations Support

I understand z/OS and how to make it do what you are paying for it to do.
Whether they know it or not, some z/OS shop out there needs the skills I can provide.