Steele Park Rigid Heddle HandWovens

    The Rigid Heddle Loom is often just an introducton to weaving and as such is often undervalued. However, it is much more versatile than appears at first glance.

    Protective runners for furniture, matching tablerunner/placemats and scarves, scarves, scarves!

    Our particular loom can handle 20-24 inchs wide, although the width of the finished item will depend on the fiber and how it is 'finished'. With just one heddle and a couple of 'pickup sticks', we can create laces and intricate patterns. With an additional heddle, we can increase the width to 40-44 inches or create a 'tube' to wear as a cowl/scarf/collar or even a 'warmsack' for an infant. Double heddle also expands the possible patterns and weaves.

    We weave almost exclusively in wool (preferred) or cotton, with an occasional experiment in various blended or exotic yarns. We design our patterns but are open to creating items with particular patterns, such as tartans.

Wool yarns: Harrisville Shetland   or  Harrisville Highland
Cotton yarns: Maysville   or  Cotton 3/2

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